Gum Disease

How to avoid gum disease

Effective plaque removal is critical to good gum health and to prevent tooth mobility and loss caused by gum disease.

At Maghera Dental Care we will give you advice specifically tailored to you and your gum condition.

We recommend:

  • Brushing twice daily, along the gum line of each tooth
  • Brushing with a manual or powered toothbrush, with a small head and of medium texture
  • Cleaning daily between the teeth and below the gum line with either dental floss or interdental brushes
  • Regular professional dental cleaning, depending on your gum disease risk

Smoking, diabetes, and certain medications put patients at a higher risk of suffering from gum disease. It is important you let the team at Maghera Dental Care know about these so we can help prevent any gum and teeth issues related to these through advice and professional intervention.

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